Lewis Hamilton dominated the Bahrain Grand Prix from start to finish, while Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen prevented a Mercedes one-two. Hamilton conducted another self-assured run. His biggest challenge may prove to be who he will spray with champagne!

Raikonnen was off in a race of his own and performed to perfection. This is the first time he finished “in the money” over 26 races. On lap 56 of the 57 lap race, Raikonnen squeezed past Rosberg whose brakes had deteriorated on lap 56 of the 57 lap race. It’s a brake-heavy circuit.

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff admits: “Both cars lost brake by wire two laps from the end which leaves you unable to defend. It’s a shame for Nico who had a terrific race.”

Rosberg now trails Hamilton by 27 points but must be most vexing is, as was the case in China, he never really looked like he might pass his teammate.

Here is the Bahrain track…

Bahrain International Circuit. Photo: Bryn Williams/Crash.Net