Who hasn’t heard of slot racing? It’s still big. But way back in California around 1937, an alternative form of model racing was born. It was tether car racing.

Now the replicas of these models are very collectible (and ownable)…


Let me bring you up to speed by taking you back in time: tether cars are model racing cars powered by miniature internal combustion engines and tethered to a central post. Unlike radio control cars, the driver has no remote control over the model’s speed or steering.

Racing of miniature cars powered by gas airplane engines started in California around 1937. The cars were home built with ashtray tires and primitive parts. But they could reach speeds of around 40 mph! Clubs started to form, rules were drafted, tracks were spawned, and events planned. The earliest cars were lovingly modeled to appear authentic with windshields, seats, steering wheels, gauges and sometimes even little drivers.

First made by hobby craftsmen, it didn’t take long for manufacturers like BB Korn to get in the game.  Original examples of the early cars, made from 1930s – 60s, now command thousands of dollars at auction.


Even today, there are tracks in Australia, Switzerland, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, even in America. World Championships are held every 3 years.

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Example: BB KORN #17 racer

These are hand-built, individually handcrafted and assembled models (not a kit).  They feature traditional die stamped body parts in aluminum, brass, and polished mahogany wood, plus a detailed engine replication. The seat & seat trim are made of faux leather. The wheels are wire-spoked aluminum and tires are made of rubber.

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