This is a story of an old man who is a pure classic.  Classic human being.  He had class when he was young, and that class is now vintage.

I saw pictures on his walls that showed me how much he had noticed in his life.

“I don’t have to make my bed anymore:” he said to me.  “I feel I’ve been relieved of that convention.  ” the old man admitted.  It seems a waste of time for something you know you’re going just muss up tonight.”

Outside the leaves were changing; some trees had gotten a jump on red and orange; others just getting started.

Inside windows were still open to feel the late afternoon cool.

These pictures always make me feel warm and at home.  They light up the house.

Dads Home Ken Eberts

Dad’s Home by Ken Eberts

First , he showed me his favorite picture: Ken Eberts *Dad’s Home*.   It’s a 1940 Buick arriving home right on time for dinner… you can hear the crunch of the snow beneath the tires.  Before texting and GPS, there was dinner around a dining room table.  Everyone together, temporarily off grid.

“It’s one of only 50 prints he made, personally signed by Eberts.  Makes you feel right at home.”

I had to admit Eberts really relishes autumn.  Further down the slightly creaking hall, we looked at  Feline & Flora.  It showed a magnificent Jaguar XKE out for a jaunt in the countryside.  Ebert’s print Fall Colors seem an outrageous explosion of colors to greet an adventurous MG.  It remind you of Charles Maher’s *Fall* where a Duesenberg makes its stately way among rioting trees.

Fall Colors by Ken Eberts

Fall Colors by Eberts

Eberts Pretty Healey sits before fields of bounty and harvest.  You had to be a guest to see that print.  Why?  Because it was in the guest’s bedroom.

To capture the natural forces of winter, Eberts painted *Snowbird*.  A lot of passion in all that white!  A 1960 Thunderbird cruises along a deserted Manhattan avenue as a snowstorm falls. The famous blizzard of 1960 has chased away the swarms of people, cars, trucks and buses. You’re plunged into the moment it must have been!

Snowbird by Ken Eberts

Snowbird by Ken Eberts

Above the old guy’s fireplace too soon to light is Charles Maher’s celebration of the season of giving.  He calls it *Love Santa*.  It’s about imaging a Mercedes gullwing as payback, a gift from the world for your being such a good guy.  It’s the print at the top of this page.

I think the elder dude’s name was Theo and I was glad I had reason to stop by.

Each of these giclee fine art prints are available on this website,  EBERTS, MAHER, even Mustang man “MICHAEL IRVINE” has a season print.