Have you seen it all?  Been there, done that?  Feeling jaded about releases of precision scale models?  You don’t have any more room?

Ilario has just released two exquisite models with stories that beat reality TV.

French modeler extraordinaire, Ilario, has sent us two major 1:43 resin-cast releases.  As we would expect, the models are impeccably accurate and finished.  But each comes with an ultra-absorbing background story.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1910 Balloon Car

He has replicated the 1910 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost that Charles Stewart Rolls (the “Rolls” in Rolls-Royce) had made so he could cart around the basket of his hot-air balloon.  And the reason he need this Rolls-Royce to be able to cart around the basket of his hot-air balloon is because he was an avid and pioneering balloonist.

He made over 170 balloon ascents.  And then had this entertaining and lofty Silver Ghost made to squire around his equipment.

Also issued is the 1936 Bugatti 57S Atlantic as heroically restored by Paul-Andre  Berson.  Berson had undertaken a decade of restoration after the car was totaled by a train at an unguarded crossing.  No kidding, you will want to read the provenance I pieced together on this car.  It took an afternoon!

ilario-1936-bugatti-57S Atlantic

The burgundy color is rich and fulfilling.  Think about the hundreds of details Ilario had to get right to perfectly nail this version – at this one major step in the evolution of this car.  This car is a recreation of parts from the aftermath of a horrific collision with a train.  Hey, read the reality story behind this particular Bugatti 57S Atlantic.

You can compare this model to the Bugatti 57S Atlantic in blue that also emerged from this big bang.


Ilario models are all very limited editions.  He invests his modeling genius in cars with amazing stories to rival Reality TV.