“Oh dear, that’s not good…” thought Nico Rosberg as he careened crazily after a gigundo blow-out on the 2nd day of practice runs at Belgian GP.

No one hurt but Nico admits he was shaking… (see update to internal monologue)

Click on BLOWOUT to  witness the explosive incident as recorded by the official videos of Formula 1.   And below is a view from the onboard video.  It’s like being in the maelstrom of whirling cups at an amusement park.  Except the whirling cup is going 200 mph.  And no cotton candy.

It happened on the high-speed run up to the Blanchimont corner during the second practice round of the Belgian Grand Prix today. Luckily, Rosberg didn’t hit anyone, nor did anyone hit him.  And he is still fastest at this year’s Spa race, due to earlier runs.

Speaking to Sky Sports News HQ after returning to the paddock, Rosberg admitted: “It was quite a shock as I just didn’t expect it, then suddenly at 190 mph I just lost control. Not good.  It is a bit of a dent in the confidence.”

Our high-priced soothsayer and message therapist Tina was again able to tap into Nico’s consciousness and harvest this fascinating “post-harrowing incident” dialogue…

“Wow, next time I better wait to start texting – wait for one of the long the straightaways.  The wife is expecting any day now, so I need to stay in touch.

I sure would like to be a fly on the wall when the Mercedes guy sits down with the Pirelli guy.  I bet he sees vision of the bulbous Michelin Man walking through the door.

I wonder if Lewis was thinking – for a split second – “it is so sad about Nico – I know he’ll recuperate soon.  But what the hell, I can carry the water.”  Nooooo, that’s crazy, I know he really likes me… especially if I’m looking up at him from the second step!  I also know he hates racing the Spa.”

Despite today’s “bump in the road” Legendary Car Guy is still predicting with Nico Rosberg.  His advice is to down a couple of pints of top rated Weihenstephaner Vitus tonight.  In full race-predicting mode, the LCG is sticking with his martinis.

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