Look in our Roger Hector Gallery and you’ll see artwork that is pure theater for any car enthusiast.   Each print is an inspiration!

And when you sit down with someone in a room revving so much spirit, life gets interesting…

All Aluminum Shelby Cobra by Roger Hector

“Come into my study so we can talk. We can talk about anything you want. Yeah… that is a polished aluminum Cobra. I like just taking it in when sitting here alone. It looks like the most magnificent thing on earth, doesn’t it? It’s being slowly lowered right at sunset. I don’t know what for, something important I would guess.”

Roger Hector Art: All Aluminum

Bugatti 35 by Automotive Artist Roger Hector

“Before the remodel, this used to be our garage.  I don’t need the racks for the rakes and shovels anymore… turned it into my own personal museum.  I like the way the Pagani Zonda is lined up with the Bugatti 35 on the wall as you walk in. Two cars separated by decades, absolutely cut from the same cloth. That Bugatti kind of gives me a rush!”

Roger Hector Art: Bugatti 35

Ferrari 275 by Automotive Artist Roger Hector

“We can wait here until the car picks us up for the theater.  My wife has a good part, it’s not huge, but I bet she’ll do something with it.  She loves the spotlight, I gotta admit.  Me? I’m still working for the hedge fund.  No standing ovations but it has its moments!”

Roger Hector Art: Ferrari 275

Ferrari 250 by Roger Hector

Overheard on an iPhone:

“Just got back from the Concours d’ Elegance.  It was great to get up so close and personal to so many dream cars.  Best of show?  Y’know I can’t remember what won. I guess my mind was stuck on a couple of Ferraris that really stole the show!”

Roger Hector Art: Ferrari 250

Ferrari P4 by Roger Hector

“Hi son, grab a seat. I hope you don’t mind… but I plucked this letter from the mailbox today. It was addressed to you, and I wanted to be here when you opened it. … WOW … you got in!! That’s fantastic! Wait till I tell your mother… wait till I tell everyone! Anyone!”

Roger Hector Art: Ferrari P4

Split Window 1963 Corvette Sting Ray by Roger Hector

“Well, you met everyone here today. That’s our team.  We’re not as big as our competitors, haven’t been around nearly as long.  So we have to be like stingrays, keep swimming.  Or is that something they say about sharks – keep swimming or sink?”

Roger Hector Art: Split Window Vette

A blank wall is a blank.  Never be bored again.  Consider uploading a Roger Hector print so you can rev up your life.  Visit our Roger Hector Gallery.  Or email us to commission a painting to celebrate your heartthrob car.