CMC has been thinking big in diecast 1:18… Just in are Mercedes Transporters for two eras of Silver Arrows… and each includes a Silver Arrow!

Even their celebrated Maserati 300S comes with its own stage…

Mercedes 1955 Transporter Set by CMC diecast 1:18

Victorious journey home: an updated *Blue Wonder* Transporter offered as a set with a Silver Arrow… PLUS

Mercedes-Benz Transporter Set LO 2750 & W25 T by CMC Diecast Model

Entirely new racecar Transporter [LO 2725] that shouldered Mercedes brilliant Silver Arrow triumphs of 1934-38 in a set with a W25 Silver Arrow… PLUS

Mercedes 1934 Racecar Transporter

That same new racecar Transporter [LO 2725] without piggyback racer… PLUS

CMC Maserati is race weathered 1:18 scale diecast

Special set of the 1956 Maserati 300S with removed engine and two figurines ready to be arranged into your story

We introduce four new issues from CMC in 1:18 scale diecast that let you stage your displays.

The Mercedes 1955 race car Transporter *Blue Wonder* – the original edition long sold out – has been upgraded and is now offered as a set with a race-weathered Mercedes 300 SLR Silver Arrow replica to piggyback.  The Transporter will also happily accommodate W196 Monoposto, 300 SLR Mille Miglia and the Uhlenhaut Coupé from CMC.

A new Mercedes Transporter from 1934-35 – set to ferry the triumphant Silver Arrows of the day – is the LO 2750 Racecar Truck.  Mercedes-Benz itself gave an in-depth five star review of this model.   The transporter is also offered in a Grand Prix Transporter Set with a training version of the Mercedes-Benz W25 Silver Arrow.

CMC’s head-spinning replica of the 1956 Maserati 300S is now available bearing the after effects of a grueling race.  While mud-splattered, the ordeal has not removed an iota of the model’s detail.  It is now joined on a formidable presentation base by two figurines and a removed engine.  The figurines are a confident driver and thoughtful engineer.  Place the elements in a scene of your own making.  Click on Maserati 300S Set.

Each of these new releases are in limited editions – remaining US allotments are already low – which means they will be available for a limited time!