What was winner Nico Rosberg humming beneath his breath when he shook hands with runner-up Lewis Hamilton on the way to the podium?

Sounded like “La Cucaracha“?!?

Photography credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Nico Rosberg grabbed his fourth win of the season at the Mexican Grand Prix in Mexico City.  He had the pole as in the previous three races, none of which proved sufficient advantage to win.  On the first lap, he stubbornly held off Hamilton’s furious charge.


Photography credit: F 1

Throughout the race, Lewis Hamilton kept putting in ever faster “fastest lap of the race.”  But Rosberg was able to stay in control.

Bottas (Williams) overtook Red Bull Kyvat to join the sombrero-wearing Mercedes drivers on the podium.

News for fans of Maldonado Collision derby, he comes close to the wall, but no crash.

Legendary Car Guy had picked Rosberg, but due to his affection for tequila forgot to share his insight with the staff before the race.  We do believe him, though.