Legendary Car Guy couldn’t take the bull by the horns today.  His bullish prediction of Vettel winning the Austrian GP proved to lack accuracy.  Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg won the race handily on the Red Bull Ring.  Charging past Lewis Hamilton on the first corner, he never looked back.


Sebastian Vettel driving for Ferrari came in fourth place.

It appears the  race was over after the first lap, with Rosberg slicing past Hamilton.

For Vettel, it was a faulty wheel gun in a pit stop that caused him to lose his position to Williams’ Felipe Massa.  An obstinate stuck wheel-nut cost him at least 13 seconds.  Vettel’s subsequent ferocious chase after Massa became the major duel of the race.  Sebastian put in some impassioned laps toward the end, but came up a second short to lose a podium finish.

Legendary Car Guy plans to re-calibrate his engineering, psychological and astrological readings to provide an improved outcome for the British Grand Prix on July 5 at Silverstone.