While we were watching “The Voice” or “Game of Thrones” or otherwise frittering away our prime-time attention span… Google has come out with virtual reality headsets that can be made out of pizza boxes and scissors. Your first question is, tell me what VR is again, right?

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Virtual Reality is where you don a headset of some fashion, preferably with ear buds. Click start and you are suddenly immersed in a different environment. No longer in a doctor’s waiting office, but now you’re parachuting onto Venus as part of a NASA mission. You’re not watching a 2D or even 3D movie. Everywhere your head turns… your perspective, your sensory input corresponds to that change. You feel the reality.

Your hand involuntarily leaps out to push an asteroid aside.

Plug a sound system in your ear, and you totally feel like you have been teleported.

Genius people have been working on this since the 80s, and since the millenium, sci fi looking applications have emerged for the military-industrial-gaming complex. But that’s not the story here.

Google has a program called Cardboard. The name isn’t as whimsical as you think, because their headset, which sells for a pittance, can be made out of a pizza box. Just slide your smartphone into the headset, and open up a Virtual Reality App.  (New apps appear constantly on Google Play.)  Suddenly you’re immersed in a virtual reality.

The fascination with cardboard and other cheap materials is intended to prove how accessible VR is. You don’t even need to be an Ikea ginga. Click on Google Cardboard.


But Legendary Car Guy recommends a step up from corrugated paper.

The ColorCross Universal VR headset is modeled to the specifications of Google Cardboard, but it’s got a plastic body. The front end of the headset is expandable on all sides to accommodate phones up to the size of the Samsung Note, and the position of the internal lenses are adjustable as well for optimum picture quality from any sized phone. A full head strap keeps it in place, with foam padding for comfort.

You can’t go wrong, it’s under $25!  A reviewer on Amazon summarized it nicely: “…A surprisingly good mobile device head mount for the price.”  Click on the pix below to CONSIDER PURCHASE.


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