You haven’t seen this guy for years. You walk into his den and on some table is a 2 foot exact replica of a LaFerrari.

You step over the snoring tattooed lady for a closer look…

Maybe there is no snoring tattooed lady, but nothing will stop you from a close examination of this LaFerrari model.  For a model, it’s huge… and it’s made by Amalgam in Britain.




Amalgam makes 1:8 scale replicas of iconic sports cars and historic grand prix racers by hand. Typically we’re talking 2,000 parts and about 3,000 man hours to get to the master pattern for each subject. That’s about what one guy works in a year.


Parts of the model are machined from metal with major components hand cast from prototyping resin. Each model is hand assembled by a small team of highly skilled model-makers. The total time taken to machine, cast, hand fettle, paint, polish and assemble each model adds another 350 hours of work.  I’m exhausted just telling you about it.

With this much labor invested, you won’t be surprised to hear these models go for $6,000 to $12,000.  When Legendary Car Guy ran Legacy Motors, we sold 8 Amalgam models in one order to pop rocker, Marc Anthony.  The pop star didn’t even ask for a volume discount!

Amalgam has about 250 models “in stock.” They include Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Pagani… the creme de la creme.  Among the favorite Ferrari models are Ferrari 250 GTO, the Ferrari F40, and the Ferrari LaFerrari.  Here is their catalogue.

Here is a video that shows the intensity of commitment their engineers put into the individual models.

Amalgam was started by four model-makers in 1985.  It appears they were furiously making models for world famous architect Norman Foster as he was working on major Hong Kong projects.  You should check out this architect’s architecture.  The models must have been wild!

Automotive-Art expects to sell these models to you.  You can email us now if there is a particular model you desire.  Or if you want Amalgam to create a large-scaled high precision “gallery quality” model of an iconic or historic car you own.