We’re not at the point where we can mutter to a machine what we want it to do. But Google has got it so we are about to communicate with a wave of the hand or a pinch of the fingers. Just don’t scratch your head by mistake…


Tom Cruise working a case in *Minority Report* – he manipulates screens with a flick of his fingers

Remember in the flick *Minority Report*? Tom Cruise navigated through all kinds of screens instantly by merely waving his hands. How about Robert Downey Jr. gesticulating wildly in Iron Man.

At a recent conference, Google announced Soli, a technology to let us direct devices by hand gestures. No touch. It’s not quite chatting with Hal, but it’s a step forward.

Legendary Car Guy points out that gamers have had kinetic direction like this for a long time. Even Mattel incorporated it into some toys. But now it’s getting serious. Google is thinking you can use your thumb as a mousepad. Adjust volume by just sliding a finger.

Soli will work by radar and that’s the big news. Unlike cameras, which are used in other motion sensing technologies, radar has high positional accuracy… it’s able to pick up on infinitesimal movements better.

Also the big news is that the computer will be able to scan other things happening in the most minute detail, interpret them and arrange for the desired response. At the first sign a machine is drifting in its accuracy, for example. Or if you’re inebriated as you get behind the wheel.

This technology will allow the machines to watch.

Which do you think will come first? Automated driving (where your input is not needed) or gesture-based interactions. Give us your COMMENT.  We’re gesturing at you.