Legendary Car Guy eats “humble pie” and wonders aloud why he had chosen Rosberg when Hamilton was racing in his own backyard.  Official: Hamilton wins at Silverstone for the 2nd year in a row.

The British Grand Prix did turn out to be one of the more exciting races of the season, however.  And Nico might have caught the winner had the rain not prompted Lewis to make a bonny decision.  More of that in a moment.


Lewis Hamilton showers podium after capturing the British Grand Prix for the third time.

Felipe Massa startled the field as he found a hole and bolted into the lead at the start.  Both Williams cars left the Mercedes boys standing at the lights.  At a lightning pace, Massa held the lead for the first 20 laps.   Bottas was on his ass all the way.

Watch Massa bolt into lead at start of British Grand Prix. (thanks to Nikhil Dhulashia)

Hamilton had to wait until his first pit  to take the lead.  It was Lap 19 and he was first to pit.

When he reentered Silverstone’s snaking circuit he hammered it, setting the fastest lap of the race at the time.  The Williams had to respond to Hamilton’s pit stop with Massa coming in on lap 20 and Bottas on lap 21.  By the time they rejoined the fray Hamilton had clear sailing in front of him.

Another perfectly timed pit stop was the key to his victory. Hamilton made a decision from the cockpit to come in for intermediate tires (used in wet weather) on Lap 43.  Just ahead of a heavy downpour.

Rosberg, Massa and Bottas pitted at the end of the next lap — but it proved to be one lap too late to catch Hamilton.

Rosberg didn’t surrender, though.  He proved to flourish in the downpour, and grabbed the lead briefly when Hamilton made his second stop on lap 43.  It was not to be.  Said Nico, who came in 2nd…

“It was not nice at one point. I could not get by the Williams but then it was cool, it was a great race when it started to drizzle, that gave me the opportunity to pass both Williams and then hunt down Lewis. I was believing I was going to get him but then the rain came more and Lewis made the right call. I thought it was wrong at first.”

The rain proved especially bad news for Williams, both of whose cars were passed by Ferrari’s Vettel as the teams juggled tire choices in the intermittent rain at the end of the race.   So it was that for the sixth time in nine races this season that Hamilton, Rosberg and Vettel stood on the podium.

Legendary Car Guy promises to refine his powers of prognostication, or at least his ability to make interesting excuses.

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