Dear Floyd:

How’s it going?

Just a week away from your showdown fight with Manny Pacquiao. You’re undefeated, champion in five weight classes, arrogant and ostenstacious with your wealth. You face former champion and pound for pound greatest fighter, Manny is no longer undefeated and grew up dirt poor and gives money to poor. You can feel the good vs. bad narrative building.

But this letter is about cars…

We know Jalopnik sent you an open letter earlier today. Click here if you missed it. Mr. Torchinsky took exception to your possessing this gigundo collection of super expensive cars, but choose to never ever drive them. It doesn’t even sound like the special assistant tasked to carry your lip balm and smart phone ever gets to drive them.

ESPN: And you don’t drive them?!

Mayweather: You’re right it’s close to $15 million.

ESPN: And you don’t drive them?!

Mayweather: No.

You told ESPN your Las Vegas collection is worth $15 million and includes three Bugatti Veyrons, an Enzo and a McLaren 650S. But it turns out you have even more collections: a Miami collection, a Los Angeles collection, a collection “at my other Las Vegas house and a few more.”

More research uncovers that you have two main dealers you buy from… and buying a Rolls or Bugatti at 3 am in the morning can be just what’s needed to sooth the savage beast when QVC gets ultra-boring at that hour of the morning.

That’s not our gripe. Our gripe is your collection looks like it was compiled by mindless reading of recent issues of Motor Trend or Road & Track. It’s like MT or RT are catalogs and you flipped to the supercar and super-sports car section.

Mr. Mayweather, it’s like you’re assembling your own exotic car dealership. Why not just buy one of the two dealers you buy everything from? To be a true car collector, you need to curate. Buy fascinating and unique cars like a Marcos Mantis XP, Alfa Romeo TZ3 or Corvette Rondine Coupe. Don’t buy a Bugatti Veyron which any asshole billionaire can buy, get a Buggati that Etiore drove!

You know, Floyd, “my boyd”… you can’t win as a collector the way you win as a fighter: DEFENSIVELY.

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