The New York Car Show is the largest car show in North America, and this year was filled with some surprise debuts.  Legendary Car Guy tells you who were showstoppers and who should have stopped before showing up!

Lincoln Continental: WINNER

Critics said the Continental was derivative, but what a relief from the design direction Lincoln had settled into. It has the right proportion and exudes self-confidence. And what a relief to have a name that wasn’t MK-something.

Cadillac CT6: WINNER

Brought over from the Elmiraj concept, the light slash descending below the front lights is unsettling to me. Forgive that, and the rest of the design is prestige American style. And all that gadgetry is Christmas morning. Talk about *dare greatly*! Like streaming rearview mirror, 360 degree view outside and 3rd generation night vision! Breakthrough aluminum skeleton makes it lightest among competitors. You can even get rear wheel steering. Who can’t use that?

2016 Jaguar XF: LOSER

It’s kind of a loser because it represents mere tweaks on a current drop-dead gorgeous design rather than a leap ahead. Perfection can always be improved.

2016 Lexus RX: WINNER

I admit it, I love Lexus SUV designs… and they pushed the bar further again. Adding some aggression to their perfect sense of proportion.


Why? Why do we need the affordable version of the supercar? The world already has the Audi R8.

Honda Civic Concept: WINNER

Before you start to cringe, know this: every critic I surveyed loved this car. None of them said oh my, they can’t wait to drive it… but I accept the consensus.  (I think they want to drive the McLaren 570S.)  The Civic is Autoblog‘s top-rated car at the show! Jalopnik wrote: “America finally gets the Honda Civic we’ve always wanted in the Type-R.”  Maybe it’s an egalitarian thing.

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