For owners of Classic & Vintage European cars enthusiasts, the MMR Glovebox Almanac is an essential. It is a up to date directory of services and sources personally recommended by serious car enthusiasts.

Of 30,000 published, fewer than 500 left…


The 100 page Almanac fits in your glovebox (if it’s ever out of sight that long!)

The Almanac presents 650 referrals to companies offering “Specialty Services” and “Parts and Accessories”.  It is classified by 12 departments divided into 320 categories. And as any good Almanac should, it offers readers helpful tips, stories and historical notes. It is the handy resource you want to turn to for parts & accessories, services, savvy collectible dealers and … and just plain fun.

This isn’t the Yellow Pages. The directory is exclusively filled with referrals from a base of 28,000 avid enthusiasts whose opinions count.

You’ll be delightfully surprised by the categories that the Glovebox Almanac includes… gets you thinking!


These are the resources who “get it”!  The Almanac tells you who fellow enthusiasts have endorsed.

Glovebox Almanac from MMR: $9.95 + shipping

Peter Bourassas editor of MMR Glovebox Almanac

While supplies last.  Guarantee of satisfaction.  Editor Peter Bourassas from MMR.