Ed Golden Automotive Artist

Ed Golden

One would think being Design Director at Ford Motor Company, responsible for the design of the Ford, Mercury, and Lincolns in North America, would be enough creative expression. Being responsible for designing the next chapter in the legacy of Thunderbird and Mustang should be enough. But Ed Golden also expresses his imagination in rich digital creations of race cars, dragsters and hot rods. His work grabs every ounce of thrill from things that go fast.

Born in California in 1957, he grew up in the epicenter of motor sports and muscle cars. He still owns a vintage dragster and rides a Harley-Davidson.

“A lot of my art is drag racing. It’s exciting, with very dramatic lighting at night. It’s a sport that’s filled with big personalities with big stories.” That said, Ed’s highest selling print is the one behind him of Schumacher.

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Ed Golden