If you’re like everyone else on the planet, say “Paul Newman” and you think either iconic actor or organic tomato sauce. But he was a brilliant driver, who said “Winning isn’t everything… it’s the only thing.” Now comes a feature-length documentary, *Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman*.

There are a lot of aspects to Paul Newman you could make a full-length movie about. His acting career, which includes an Academy Award for Best Actor (Scorsese: “Color of Money”) as the faded pool-shark Eddie Felson:

“Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”

But then there is everything else about this remarkable man: film director, entrepreneur, professional racing driver, auto racing team owner, environmentalist and philanthropist. This documentary to be released in theaters May 22 focuses on the story arc of his racing.

“Winning isn’t everything… it’s the only thing.”

Newman relished a 35 year career of racing – beginning at the ripe age of 48. As a driver, he won four national SCCA championships, Daytona, true 2nd place at Le Mans, and multiple Trans Am races. Newman also owned Newman/Haas Racing with Carl Haas. Their team was one of the most prolific Indycar teams in history, winning 8 Championships.


Also appearing in the documentary are Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Bob Wagner, Jay Leno, the Andretti’s and more.