Do you know about Second Life? It’s a 3D simulated world populated by people who interact and role-play among things that get built and entered, used or driven.

For example, people build cars and sell them and drive them to a fantastic place they envisioned and built. It’s another world, just not this one!

Click on SECOND LIFE to get an idea of what we’re talking about. Is it a video game? No. It certainly has rules and protocols like a game, but the world has no more objective than our real world. Users use it for social interaction like role-playing, virtual fashion, collaborative “sandbox” building, and yes, virtual sex.

It’s free to play. But it has its own internal economy and currency so you can buy stuff. Who are you buying it for? Yourself or others or for a team. And you are all represented by avatars you choose or create yourself. So you can look and be whoever or whatever you want.

You chat for free using voice or text with folks from around the world who share your passions and interests.  You can choose the era or environment you want to visit and play the role you want to play.

Since this is a blog focused on car enthusiasts, let us give you an idea of the rides that have been created and that you could buy and drive around.  Click on Second Life Marketplace. Of course you can always decide just to create your own.

You could drive around in a Porsche 918 Spyder


Here is what you get for your $2500 (in Second Life currency)

  • Suitable for role-playing simulations or cruising around on the tracks
  • Fully color customizable via easy access menu
  • Two media centers – one inside for youtube & a mac book air under the hood set for browsing
  • Audio CD Player – Includes three albums of various genres, 9 full songs on each
  • Realistic 7 gear system with additional sound fx included
  • Realistic physics (turn fast & you might just go two wheels up or even roll the car!)
  • High glow headlights for night driving
  • Special neon fx, color changeable
  • Two optional engine sound sets
  • Spoiler raises at ignition
  • Wheel tread glows at ignition
  • Convertible (click roof to open/close)
  • Electric windows

Here is another car with even more complex options:  P60max Viper – it will run you $2000 in virtual currency…


Here is what you get…

  • Need for speed nos system
  • Tow truck never get stuck or fall again (not sure how that works) – also shields apparently keep you from getting stuck on walls
  • Realistic drive feel
  • Dashboard needles work
  • Roof/windows toggle
  • *Need for Speed* car exhaust system spits flames out as you change gears
  • Talking feedback in vehicle doors and hood (wonder what that’s like?)
  • Custom tune the car via onboard tuning system

There are over 35,000 vehicles you can choose from including motorcycles, trucks, boats and sci fi vehicles.  Or design and build your own.

In Second Life, there is even a classic car museum called El Haiga Classic Car Museum.

Please take the time to COMMENT on our facebook page what you have read in this post and/or seen on the Second Life site.  If you find it interesting, let us know.  And guess what … the Oculus Rift is coming which means you will be able to be immersed in this fantasy world being created.  They say folks that take time away from life’s real world responsibilities to play and role-play live longer.

What do you think?