If you’re in a financial position and mindset that money can buy you happiness… the 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider just got put on the shelf.

And it doesn’t have to be blue…


So this is a Ferrari 488, thus related to the Ferrari you have seen in the past year arriving triumphantly at a stop light you happen to be stopped at. (Perhaps impatiently in your Ford Escape.) And whose driver doesn’t look an iota of impatient.

This Ferrari 488 has a rear folding hard-top that disappears in a complex origami-like trajectory into a shallow nacelle behind the seats. It takes only 14 seconds, so you can wait to diagnose whether that is a “drop you felt.” To deploy only takes 14 seconds… “here comes the sun”.


The 488 Spider has the same 3.9L turbo flat-plane V8 from the 488 GTB, which has the goods to take you from a dead stop to 60 mph in 3 seconds.

Half the fun of rag-top is the noise, and half the fun of a Ferrari is its note. From the press release…

“In line with Ferrari tradition, this model has its own absolutely distinctive soundtrack created using solutions such as exhaust headers with longer, equal- length piping and a flat-plane crankshaft. It was also further enhanced by an in- depth study of harmonics and tonality at different engine speeds. The sound is seductive but never invasive when the top is dropped, with both volume and clarity increasing as the engine instantly responds to the accelerator pedal and revs rise, reinforcing the sensation of massive performance.”

A small glass rear window operates independently of the top and can be lowered to three separate positions. More Ferrari exhaust sound with top up or, wind blocker with the top down.


Large flying buttresses rise behind the two seats. They are designed to send airflow to the engine cover and into the air intakes. A rear spoiler channels air through a gap on the rear lip. The Spider also gets the GTB’s adjustable rear diffuser, which responds to speed and throttle input.

Any more instruction and you’ll be able to build one yourself!

More fun for the passenger is a novel narrow screen that seems to show the tach and speed. Thus the passenger can better come to grips with his white knuckles.

Price will be announced at Frankfurt Car Show.  Happiness like this may cost $200,000.