Mark Greene has already interviewed over 300 luminaries or otherwise interesting denizens of the car culture. He delves into their fascinating pasts and passions.

He invites you to meet the people behind the machines…

We’re a big fan of Mark Greene! He lives and breathes cars in all facets. He is dedicated to interviewing the most interesting personalities associated with cars and racing. And his guests respond with personal insights because Mark is so personable.

He poses the same set of questions to all his guests because he has found these are the most revealing questions to ask. They’re can-openers.  Knowing the questions he’ll ask, his guests can mull over the questions rather than being put on the spot. So you don’t hear top of the mind answers or canned insipid answers, but answers that have been reflected upon. It works.


Mark Greene – founder & host of Cars Yeah! sitting in the driver’s seat of a great interview series

There is a new podcast each day M – F.  You can download it on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, YouTube, or on the Cars Yeah Podcast pages.  Click on Cars Yeah to learn more.

Here are some of the car culture luminaries you can hear:

  • Peter Brock
  • Wayne Carini
  • Magnus Walker
  • Jeff Zwart
  • Dennis Gage
  • Ralph Gilles
  • Ken Gross

As interesting are the personalities that he interviews who are not necessarily headliners, but should be.  Like Hurley Haywood, Bob Cuneo, Dominic Dobson.  And lots more individuals you have never heard of but that are mighty if unsung contributors to the fabric of the car culture.  Give Mark credit for his discovering these people and introducing them to us.

Download Mark’s daily podcasts on your smartphone or computer to catch the stream of information and insight that Cars Yeah is bubbling up.