The smartphone game app Pokemon Go has replaced casual sex as favorite global pastime.  You know that, right?

Here is a version tailor-made for car guys and motorcycle fiends!

Pokemon for Car Guys

In Pokemon Go, graphic creatures appear in your real world, when you look into your smartphone.

So just how popular is Pokemon Go? Well, this free phone app just launched July 6 of this year, yet Fortune magazine reports that within a couple of days it had exceeded dating app Tinder in downloads on Android. The game is also on its way to topping Twitter in daily active users, according to the digital tracking source Similarweb. It’s a bigger draw than Netflix.

Here is what all those youngsters and adults are doing walking around and staring into their smartphone. The game allows players to search for, capture, and train Pokémon characters around their environment thanks to a technology known as augmented reality.  In augmented reality you see on your smartphone screen, graphical characters (in this case, Pokémons) inserted over the real world so you can “capture them” via the device’s camera.

Pokemon Go for Car Guys

Look into the app on your smartphone and be stunned by the creatures that surround you!

When you capture a Pokemon character, it becomes added to your collection.  What you want to do is try to capture the more valuable and rarer ones, and if you do, you’re the coolest and most admired person anyone knows.  Click on the Pokemon home page  to get the full explanation of all the ins and outs.  And find out why this *free* app is already raking in $2 million a day in revenue.

We have an idea!  Why not have a Pokemon version for car and motorcycle enthusiasts?  Instead of adorable and clever cartoon characters, the objective is to spot valuable cars and motorcycles.

The game could be called “Mobilon.”

By valuable, we don’t mean some arbitrary assignment, like “Charizard” is worth more than “Pikachu” – two of the Pokemon characters.  We mean value and worth measured in current market appraisals.  The game could reference an acknowledged expert service like Hagerty Insurance and Hemmings.

So players would download this new app, would spot a valuable car, “capture” it using the app which would add it to his collection.  The app would of course interpret the image of the car in terms of condition, year and model type.  This isn’t so crazy!  Compare that to the big data crunching being performed now by all that data facial recognition software?

The Pokemon game is definitely built around competition.  And just so with Mobilon, there could be virtual world competitions, like virtual concours events and vintage races.

You get the idea… What do you think?  Tell us on our Automotive-Art facebook page.