Gordon-Davis Forward Look Chrysler Designer

Gordon Davis

Gordon Davis drew his first car on a Kroger shopping bag when he was two. He still has the bag 80 years later.

After leaving the Art Center School in LA, birthplace of car designers, he was hired by Virgil Exner. The legendary Virgil Exner. The legendary Exner took the barely 20 year old Gordon under his wing.

When Exner set up a “skunkworks” styling studio to explore the Forward Look he had in mind, Gordon was asked to team up with the legendary Dick Teague and the nearly as legendary John Pinko. Gordon says management didn’t approve their lack of fins proposed for the 1962 Chrysler.

Gordon presents high quality reproductions of his original design sketches, some of which found their way inspiring such cars as the 1963 Corvette Stingray.

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