ilario-1936-bugatti-57S Atlantic

1936 Bugatti 57S Atlantic sn57473 Berson Restoration in 1:43 scale

1936 Bugatti 57S Atlantic Berson-Restoration

1936 Bugatti 57S Atlantic sn57473 Berson Restoration in larger 1:18 scale

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This is the 2nd version of the Bugatti 57S Atlantic serial number 57473 modeled by Ilario.  It is as this iconic car appeared after the courageous restoration by Paul-Andre Berson of the car destroyed in a train crash.

Here is the amazing story of this famous Bugatti…

57473 is the third Atlantic factory delivered in December 1936 to former Olympic fencer Jacques Holzschuch in its black livery. In 1939, the bodywork was modified by Figoni et Falaschi.

In 1952, the Bugatti was acquired by Bugatti aficionado and flashy Parisian boutique owner Rene Chatard.  As M. Chatard already owned three magnificent Bugatti, his wife and daughters opposed this purchase

“sur nos corps morts” cried his wife and daughters

he sneakily registered ownership in the name of his then mistress, Madame Schneider.

Three years later Chatard and another of his mistresses were instantly killed when a train crashed into the Atlantic at an unguarded crossing.  The nearly totaled car was stored in a warehouse for nearly a decade before being returned to Madame Schneider (to whom it was still registered), who immediately sold to a scrap dealer, which itself sold it soon to an ardent young Bugatti devotee, Paul-Andre Berson.

Beginning in 1968, Berson undertook restoration of the Bugatti Type 57 S Atlantic – Chassis 57473.  He used as much as he could of the damaged chassis, the original bonnet and many other of the original body panels from the less damaged right hand side of the car. A number of body parts that Berson had found too difficult to repair remained unused.  This included the bulkhead, the left rear wing, part of the roof, the passenger door, as well as the damaged original engine and gearbox (these were installed from chassis 57645) .

After 9 years of effort, he sold the car – now in the rich Bordeaux color you see here – to Nicholas Seydoux, another big Bugatti collector.  Seydoux was dissatisfied with the quality of the Berson restoration and took the car to top-tier Parisian carrosserie André Lecoq in 1977.  Where the color became black, as it was at the beginning in 1936.

Meanwhile, Berson had retained the dashboard, trim pieces, the engine block and various other parts that he had removed from the T-57S and began to construct a replica based on them.   This effort was later combined with the Seydoux version and further transformed by Paul Russell & Company from Massachusetts. If you’re still with me, it is this latest iteration that was presented to the crowds at Pebble Beach in 2010.  Ilario has also modeled this car in its ORIGINAL BLACK and CURRENT BLUE version.

The following is photography of the 1:43 scale version…




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