Bugatti Type 57C Aravis by Ilario

1939 Bugatti T57C Aravis bodied by Letourneur et Marchand

This car remained in the same Belgian family for over 70 years; the uncle of the current owner bought it in 1939, factory direct.  During WWII, the car was completely dismantled to hide it from the invading Nazi army.  When the was ended, the uncle had it rebuilt gave it to his nephew for his 18th birthday.  Perhaps a gift to celebrate that the family had survived!

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The Type T57 was the work of Ettiore Bugatti’s son, Jean. As explained by RM Sotheby’s:

“Considered by many to be the most beautiful open car design to grace a Type 57 chassis, the Aravis was introduced to the public in 1938. From every angle, the car was a masterpiece. All of the lines were softly sculptured to express motion, from the pontoon fenders to the elegantly sculpted body side moldings that cascaded rearward towards a gracefully lengthened tail section. The dramatic fastback convertible top styling was one of the sleekest designs ever implemented when erected, and was even more impressive in its ability to disappear entirely from view when folded.”

The lines of the beautiful design are enhanced by the light and dark of beige and brown.  The headlights are protected by a metal mesh, a feature never before seen on a Bugatti .

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