Delahaye 135 Cabriolet Figoni & Falaschi

1948 Delahaye 135 Cabriolet Figoni & Falaschi “El Glaoui” 1:43 scale

All the great coachbuilders of the era dressed the Delahaye frame.  This model presents the work of Figoni & Falaschi.

The design was nicknamed “El Glaoui” because it was first commissioned by Prince Glaoui of Morocco.  It was used on multiple chassis with some variation of details.  Note the bumpers on two levels, the distinctive radiator grille used after the war, the central lighthouse emerging from the trunk, and color coordination with the body color throughout.

Limited edition of 135 pieces only.


1948 Delahaye Cabriolet Figoni & Falaschi "El Glaoui"

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