This model places the greatest Ferrari sports car in the hands of a universally acclaimed master of diecast models.

Choose between SILVER or RED.

CMC 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

1962 Ferrari GTO in precision 1:18 scale.  Thanks to Rusty Hurley for his insights published on Diecast Zone.

The subject Ferrari is the exquisite 250 GTO – one sold in 2014 for $38 million vs. purchase price in 1962 of a mere $18,000.  And it’s the car that changed Enzo Ferrari’s mindset about aerodynamics.  Enzo had said aerodynamic design “was something that people that can’t build engines do.”  When his 250 SWB could regularly achieve newfound speeds, it began encountering unexpected wall of air.

Enzo began to see the light!  Jaguar had just launched the svelte E-type which Enzo famously admired.  And after losing the 1959 Le Mans, he swore he would not let his racing team suffer another loss.  His legendary chief engineer, Giotto Bizzarrini modified the frame of the 250 SWB with reduction of the frontal area and increasing the bonnet length; and then he moved the engine well back into the chassis and lowered it to improve weight distribution and handling.  Aerodynamic design was cool after all.





Ferrari 250 GTO won the Constructor’s Championship for 3 years.

CMC has spared nothing to replicate this race car.  It is made of top grade zinc alloy, composed of 1,841 single parts, of which 1.215 are metal.  In the interior is quilted leather and fabric.  Lots of stuff is operable: doors, trunk and hood, fuel cap, latch on the nose,  three removable vents in front, and removable panel that covers the super detailed undertray.

The 1:18 model absolutely nails the muscular and graceful curvature in the tear drop front bonnet and front wheel arches.  All the ducts are sharply cut with rear brake ducts protected by mesh screening.

Here it is in red…


Here is a video prepared by CMC showing all the detail they invested in the model!  This is an iconic model of an iconic racer you will want to proudly display in your collection!  Remember choose between SILVER or RED.

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