Eric White :  “In 1963, a GM edict banning its Divisions from competing in organized motorsports forced Pontiac to take their act to the streets. A refocus on street performance, the stealthy addition of an option package, and an aggressive ad campaign gave birth to the classic muscle car. Available only on the Le Mans series, the $296 GTO option added muscle in the form of a high performance 389 c.i. V-8, agility via suspension upgrades, and personality with GTO badging, non-functional hood scoops and blacked-out grilles. The first appearance of Uniroyal red stripe Tiger Paw tires on the GTO forever links the narrow red stripe sidewall tire to the American performance car of the mid to late 1960s.”

Limited Edition Print = 100                     SIZE: 20 in x 13 in

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    Eric White

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