Eric White :  “Mercury introduced the Cyclone in 1964 as the performance/image variant of its intermediate-sized Comet. By mid-1968 the cubes were upped to 428, and for 1969, the Cyclone CJ 428 came out to play with the High Output and Ram Air GTOs, Magnum Chrycos, W-machine Oldsmobiles, Stage Buicks and SS396 Chevys. Other go-fast goodies and appearance items that made up the CJ428 included: hood scoop, striping, black-out grille, dual exhausts, competition handling package, close-ratio 4-speed transmission and a 3.50:1 ratio rear end.”

Limited Edition Print = 100                     SIZE: 20 in x 13 in

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    Numbered, Signed

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    Eric White

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  • SKU: EW0015


  • Art
  • Mercury
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    • Eric White
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