Blast by the Past Michael Irvine Automotive Artist

Michael Irvine :  “I’ve always liked the Camaro, owning and restoring a ’73 at one point. When I saw the aggressive lines of the new retro body style, I knew I was going to do another painting! I wanted to bring across the idea of classic and new — a ‘back to the future’ kind of a thing — bringing the viewer from then to now. That’s why I utilized the big sky, to symbolize a dramatic past and a bright future. And taking artistic license with the reflections, let me demonstrate how closely related the two are.”

Limited Edition Lithograph  = 800                          SIZE: 32 in x 21 in

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    Numbered, Signed

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    Michael Irvine

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  • SKU: MI0018


  • Art
  • Camaro
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    • Michael Irvine
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