1939 Bugatti T57/64 by Ilario

Bugatti T57/64 Aero-Dynamic Coupe – Prototype of Type 64 (serial number 57625)

The Bugatti Type 64 was the last masterpiece of Jean Bugatti, the son of Ettore Bugatti, before his death in 1939.  He crashed in a Type 57 racer at 30 years old.  Designed as the successor to the Type 57, only one chassis No. 64001 was completed.

Bugatti had created sketches for his vision prior to his untimely death, but the car never progressed beyond Jean Bugatti’s final chassis.

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This beautifully proportioned car is the pre-prototype of the 64001 frame.  Created two months before 64001, it was first implemented on the 57376 frame and finally mounted on 57625 Ventoux whose original body was removed and replaced with this one.

The aerodynamic coupe was to have featured a riveted body structure, papillon doors and a prominent styling ridge down the centerline of the car. The papillon door, slightly different in its architecture from a gullwing door was designed by Jean Bugatti in 1939 for the Type 64, fourteen years before Mercedes-Benz produced its similar, famous 300SL gullwing door – is a precursor, often overlooked when discussing “Gull-wing” design.  [Note: because this is a resin model, no openings operate.]

Limited edition of only 180 pieces.

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