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by Marcello Nizzoli

1925 Citroen Advertisement Poster by Artist Marcello Nizzoli.

It was Andre Citroen who introduced mass production to France in 1919. Previous to that time, the assembly process was known only in the United States where Henry Ford had originated the moving assembly line in 1913. The idea was a profitable one when the wealthy Citroen, who had been a munitions manufacturer during World War I and was left with a large factory and few orders after the war, recognized the potential for directing his capability toward the production of automobiles.

This Italian advertisement goes hand-in-hand with the automobile’s sound economical tradition, stating that Citroen is the basis of all solid business affairs – an industrial giant crunches numbers in the company of his auto. Nizzoli was a most versatile artist, being a painter, decorator, textile designer and posterist. Many of his posters were for automobile companies. In 1938, he joined Olivetti and was responsible for some of their finest images of the 40s and 50s. Rare!

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