Limited Edition Giclee = 100      SIZE =  22 in x 33 in

In 1915 Effie Hotchkis drove coast to coast on this motorcycle.  Effie purchased a 1915, 3 Speed V-Twin Harley-Davidson with some money she had inherited, but her mother told her she couldn’t make that trip alone because it was too risky. Mother and daughter agreed that Effie would buy a sidecar, and sister Avis would make the trip with her. It took them 2 months to travel from Brooklyn, NY to San Francisco, California.

95 years later, Cris Simmons, co-founder of Harley Women, the first women’s motorcycle magazine, rode the same motorcycle across country in 2010 Cannonball Run.

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    Scott Jacobs

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    • Scott Jacobs
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