Ford GT40s 1966 LeMans

Ford GT40s sweeping finish line of 1966 Le Mans, 18-19 June 1966

Everything went right that day for Ford and their GT40s, including winning the race.  Everything until Ford tried to stage manage crossing the finish line.

Although Ford dominated the race with not one but three of their GT40s leading – 16 laps ahead of the closest competitor – the final outcome was convoluted. Ken Miles and Denis Hulme in their blue #1 GT40 were leading the race when they were ordered to slow down to allow the other two GT40s to catch up for a staged photo finish.  Miles was announced winner and bounding up the podium when officials reversed themselves and said he was only second. The black #2 GT driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon actually won as they had covered the most distance within the 24 hours, having been placed 40 yards behind Miles at the start.

Despite Ford winning the race regardless, the Americans were denied a triple triumph with Miles, as he had previously won Daytona and Sebring in a GT – something even Ferrari never managed to do.

Rumor has it, the Italian rivals pointed out the mistake to the officials. How bittersweet if true, because the GT40 was conceived as an act of revenge against Enzo Ferrari. In 1963, Henry Ford II intended to combine forces with Ferrari before Ferrari abruptly ended all negotiations at the last minute. Furious over this about face, Ford decided to exact revenge by beating the long term winner at Le Mans – which they managed to repeat the following four years.

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