For owners of Classic & Vintage European Cars, the Glovebox Almanac is an essential resource. It is a current directory of services and sources personally recommended by serious fellow enthusiasts.


Glovebox Almanac: 100 pages of curated / recommended listings of services and sources 

Let me explain about this extraordinary directory.

Let’s say you provide a service or parts or gear, you can’t buy your way into it. This is NOT the Yellow Pages. To get listed, you have to be personally recommended. And who does the personal recommending? People who belong to the community of 28,000 avid car enthusiasts that MMR has attracted over the past decade.

In other words, the directory is exclusively filled with referrals from people who use and endorse the listed service or source.

It’s a compact 100 pages, that lists 2900 companies, beautifully organized into 12 departments and 320 categories. Yes, it will probably fit in glovebox. If you ever leave it out of sight for that long!


650 company referrals listed into 12 departments divided into 320 categories

This is the brainchild of Peter Bourassa, founder and leading light of MMR. That’s him below. He is the quintessential guy who knows everyone who is anyone consumed with the pursuit of classic and vintage European cars.

Peter Bourassa MMR publisher of Glovebox Almanac

Peter Bourassa, founder and leading light of MMR


You’ll be delightfully surprised by the categories that the Glovebox Almanac includes… gets you thinking!

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