Sheridon Davies :  “The heat is on… in more ways than one. Sun more suited to Southern Italy is bouncing back off the Derbyshire tarmac making it hot enough to cook pizza on. A great setting for one of Enzo Ferrari’s lesser known but yet glorious creations. The 246S debuted in January 1960 for Ferrari in the 1000 kms of Buenos Aires, driven by the team of Scarfiotti and Gonzales. In May, it finished 4th in the Targa Florio and at the Nurburgring 1000 kms created its own piece of motorsportin history by spectacularly catching fire during refueling. Driver Scarletti discovered that he could move at great speed without aid of a set of wheels as he exited the burning car! Featured car: Ferrari 246S by Fantuzzi Location: Donington Park, England.”

Limited Edition Giclee = 375                          SIZE: 13 in x 19 in

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    Numbered, Signed

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    Sheridon Davies

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  • SKU: SD0025


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  • Ferrari
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    • Sheridon Davies
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