Ken Eberts: “Nostalgic look at 1960s Los Angeles when all the Cobra driver had to worry about was the cop in front of him. There was plenty of oil, cheap gas at the Flying A station, and Shelby Cobras that cost around $6,000 new. That’s how a car enthusiast sees this scene. Others might notice the oil derricks, telephone poles, smog and commercial signage. The scene is somewhere near LAX, where Carroll Shelby’s factory was located. Other vehicles in scene: 1964 Comet, 1966 Dodge Polara Police Special, ’53 Ford Sedan, ’53 Ford Pick-up, 1934 3 Window Coupe hot rod, ’60 Chevrolet, ’57 VW, and 1961 Chevy 1 Ton Pick-up.”

Giclee Limited Edition = 50     SIZE: 40 in x 30 in

Product Details

  • Limited:

    Numbered, Signed

  • Artist:

    Ken Eberts

  • Marque:

    Shelby Cobra

  • SKU: KE0022


  • Art
  • Shelby Cobra
  • VisualArtwork:
    • Ken Eberts
    • Print