Ken Eberts: “In 1968 I saw an ad in the L.A. Times classified for a used 1966 427 Cobra. I answered the ad and went down to Otto Zipper Motors on Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills. It was one of those cars that got away as I didn’t buy it for the asking price of around $6000. I loved the look of the Cobra sitting in the back storeroom at Zipper’s. Very graphic, so I took a photo of it. Years later I decided to do this painting of my chance to buy a 427 Cobra.”

Giclee Limited Edition = 10     SIZE = 30 in x 40 in

Product Details

  • Limited:

    Numbered, Signed

  • Artist:

    Ken Eberts

  • Marque:

    Shelby Cobra

  • SKU: KE0027


  • Art
  • Shelby Cobra
  • VisualArtwork:
    • Ken Eberts
    • Print