Mercedes-Benz 500K Tourenwagen by Ilario

Mercedes-Benz 500K Tourenwagen 1935 by Ilario in 1:43 scale

This 500K is a rare version of Tourenwagen, a tourer with two doors and four spacious seats.  It was built on a chassis with normal wheelbase of 3.29 meters.


The ultimate Mercedes-Benz of the thirties, the 500K was reserved for a very wealthy clientele eager for performance, luxury and exceptional comfort.

This car was recently on display at Pebble Beach.  You can see Pebble Beach photos here.

This is the third Mercedes-Benz Tourenwagen modeled by Ilario.  IL090 is a cabriolet with the top down.  In contrast to Ilario’s IL091 with its top up, the IL093 presented here is ….

  • Different year: this is 1935 vs. IL091 from 1936
  • Different front wings; also the bumpers and horns in the front
  • Additional headlights are present on each side of the windshield
  • Wipers are on top of the windshield
  • Trunk at the rear
  • Color is light beige on body and darker beige on the wings with a brown soft top and trunk.

This model is a limited edition of only 100. Assembled model is presented on a wood / leather base with a photo-etched presentation plate and bell showcase. Comes in a sturdy collector cardboard box.  Fully assembled and painted by hand by craftsmen.

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