Michael Irvine :  “This painting was as fun to create as it was challenging. I really wanted to be true to the movie and the time period, while incorporating not only the car itself, but also the spirit of the 2001 Bullitt. In this piece, you ride alongside the Bullitt as it races over the top of a hill, it’s airborne, about to hit the asphalt! Just down the hill, Frank’s ‘68 Fastback is closing in on the Charger. The chase is on! The body panels of the 2001 Bullitt reflect the scene on the street (including the Bullitt’s other 2 paint colors—blue and black) as these powerful machines tear up the road.”

Limited Edition Lithograph  = 2001                         SIZE: 25 in x 20.5 in

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    Numbered, Signed

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    Michael Irvine

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  • SKU: MI0007


  • Art
  • Mustang
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    • Michael Irvine
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