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by Georges Gaudy

Camille Jenatzy winning the 1903 Gordon Bennet Cup in his Mercedes.

Camille Jenatzy had great success in driving and designing racing cars at the turn of the century. He achieved a record 100km per hour in 1898 in one of his specially-designed racers. He and his brother took over their fathers tire business and, probably in 1906, he commissioned Gaudy to create a poster for the firm, showing him winning the 1903 Gordon Bennett Cup in his Mercedes. The fiery red of the car, the orange background and the drivers expression evoke a race of such thrilling, demonic energy that we don’t care that Jenatzy actually ran it on Continental tires! Car and auto race posters were the Belgian Gaudy’s specialty. As a racing car driver and enthusiast himself, he followed the famed Circuit des Ardennes races (from 1902 to 1907) with interest, and that race was no doubt his inspiration for this magnificent poster.

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