Michael Irvine :  “When you think cars, you think of Detroit, Michigan. But between 1902 – 1988, Kenosha, Wisconsin produced millions of cars and trucks — many of them built by the American Motors Corporation.

“Pride of Kenosha” pays tribute to the home of one of America’s favorite muscle cars — the AMC AMX. As the sun sets on the rolling farm fields just outside city limits, these powerful cars stop to fill up before hitting the open road!

“I wanted to give a nod to the AMX’s home, without showing the actual factory. I set the cars at a service station on a quiet road outside Kenosha.”

Limited Edition Lithograph  = 800                          SIZE: 28 in x 20 in

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    Numbered, Signed

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    Michael Irvine

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  • SKU: MI0014


  • Art
  • AMC
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    • Michael Irvine
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