Colin  Carter :  “Autographed by Dan Gurney himself! Dan Gurney’s European racing experience was instrumental in the creation of this new Anglo-American challenger. Built by Lotus in the UK, having modified their Model 25 Formula 1 design, it was revolutionary in every way compared to the traditional ‘roadster’, with the drivers head barely visible, mere inches ahead of it’s shrieking V8 Ford built engine. Performance at its first Indy 500 in 1963 was so impressive, with Jim Clark finishing a strong second and Dan Gurney in seventh, that within a few years, the front-engined Indy car was as rare as the famous bricks which once covered the Speedway’s surface.”

Limited Edition Lithograph = 850                          SIZE: 35.2 in x 26.5 in

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    Numbered, Signed

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    Colin Carter

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    • Colin Carter
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