Talbot Lago T26 Grand Sport Saoutchik by Ilario

1950 Talbot Lago T26 Coupe Grand Sport Saoutchik

The first frame to offer this fastback bodywork performed by the legendary coachbuilder Saoutchik was 110 101.  Another Saoutchik version of the Talbot Lago T26 Grand Sport was restored thirty years later by Graber in Switzerland to replicate the 110 101 including the distinctive oval grille and two tone blue colors.

It is this latter car Ilario has chosen to model.  The original of 110 122 is now on display at the Museum Louwman in the Netherlands.

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One of the immediate post-war cars that received fame for its speed was the T26 Grand Sport. It was built for either racing or luxury and benefited directly from Talbot’s successful T26  Grand Prix car. As such it was expensive, rare and helped Louis Rosier win the LeMans 24 Hour race.

The GS replaced the Record chassis which was named for its remarkable top speed. Having a 4.5-liter, inline-6 with aluminum cylinder heads and triple carburetor fuel feed from the T26 Grand Prix cars, the Grand Sport was one of the world’s most powerful production cars.  Depending on the body, a T26 GS could hit 125 mph.

All Talbots of the period used a body-on-frame design and had a strong enough chassis to receive a body from wherever the customer chose. Thus, no two cars were alike in the series of 36: except of course the 110 101 and this one 110- 122.   Any Talbot T26 deserves consideration as the most beautiful expressions of automotive art.

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