Sheridon Davies :  “The peak of 1930’s race track development for MG. Straight six powerplant with supercharger. 150 horses. A 40 gallon fuel tank behind your back to keep you company…(cozy). Pulls like a train for what seems like forever. Will keep on accelerating if you’ve got the nerve. No speedo. Who cares. Scarlet O’Hara with attitude. Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. Gone with the wind.”

Limited Edition Giclee = 75                          SIZE: 13 in x 19 in

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  • Limited:

    Numbered, Signed

  • Artist:

    Sheridon Davies

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  • SKU: SD0014


  • Art
  • MG
  • VisualArtwork:
    • Sheridon Davies
    • Print