According to the BBC, Chris Evans will be the replacement for Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. Do you think someone who looks like Elton John can replace the lionized Clarkson character?


Not an NFL commentator, but contracted replacement for Jeremy what’s his name…

What made Top Gear a global phenomenon was banter, rogue attitude and mischief – with the money to play out the fantasies.    BBC commentator David Sillito says it best.

When Jeremy Clarkson relaunched Top Gear in 2002 it ceased to be a program about cars; it became a program about slightly tragic men who loved cars. The essence was banter, lists and brilliant film-making. The problem is what happens when you lose the blokes?

The Guardian wrote, ‘This self-congratulatory rich bloke …doesn’t actually make great radio – so who would dare now? Best we just strap in and brace ourselves… ”

Legendary Car Guy thinks it is like imagining Fawlty Towers without John Cleese.