Dude! Renault told their designers to come up with a concept car design to celebrate some famous French architect.

The designers nailed it!


The architect is Le Corbusier and he thrived in the middle of the last century. You know Le Corbusier even if you say “who dat?”. He helped create modern architecture, and influenced the design of Rockefeller Center and the United Nations building in New York City. *Urban planning* was one of his ideas.


United Nations building designed by architect Le Corbusier

The car is an homage to Le Corbusier on 50th anniversary of his passing.

The design delights with a long, sleek bonnet, slim glasshouse, and pronounced rear arches. Dihedral doors are hinged at the rear. The pronounced scalloped openings surrounding the front wheels are exceptionally cool.



It’s up to you to see how the car reminds you of the United Nations building or any of his other signature works.


Church of Saint-Pierre, Firminy, France designed by Le Corbusier (maybe you can see inspiration for car design better with this example of his work.

To see it in person you have to go to Villa Savoye, a modernist villa outside Paris. There is an exhibit going on called “Cars for living: the automobile and modernism in the 20th and 21st centuries.’ I bet they’re serving crepes!