Look what that McLaren 570s has started… rumors have begun about a new entry level Ferrari!  The spawn of a supercar that you don’t need to be insanely rich to afford.  Just slightly insane, and living very comfortably.

Before Sergio Marchionne spins off Ferrari from Fiat-Chrysler (FCA), he may have been visited by the ghost of Dino.

Jonny Lieberman, Senior Features Editor at Motor Trend, tweeted on April 5: “Ferrari has a TT V6 car coming, aimed at Porsche Turbo S, AMG GT, and McLaren 570S. $180K, 2019.”

The current lowest priced Ferrari, a hard-top convertible Ferrari California T, starts at $200K.

I’m going to guess the new Ferrari won’t recreate a dance club with its marker lights like the beginner McLaren. After all, it will be a Ferrari.