Shelby American is making Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupes again.  You don’t have to cough up $7 million to grab one at auction.  (But you still may want to win a Powerball lottery.)

And you can even add your own history…


Shelby American is celebrating the 50th anniversary of their FIA World Championship.  Last year they celebrated with the 50th Anniversary Cobra 427.  Now they are building 50 continuation Cobra Daytona Coupes.  This is one of the most coveted cars of our time.



There is a choice: an aluminum-bodied version of the Daytona Coupe that’s all but identical to the cars built during the mid-60s or a fiberglass-bodied model to give a contemporary approach to the classic design.  The two cars are built using original blueprints and measurements, with some re-engineering to provide a stronger frame and fitted a set of disc brakes.

The aluminum coupes feature leaf springs suspension and tube chassis.  Fiberglass buyers will get to choose from a long list of colors.  (Although, really, go with the Guardsman blue.)

Both cars are sold as a rolling chassis, i.e. no drivetrain. A numbers-matching 289-cubic inch engine is available as an option directly from Shelby’s engine-building division. Or – you can further the Daytona’s storied history by installing whatever you think is *awesome* and that fits in the coupe’s engine bay.

You could certainly talk it over with Shelby American engineers.

You just got to win the Powerball lottery.

The fiberglass-bodied car has a base price of $179,995, while the period-correct aluminum-bodied model starts at $349,995. While that may sound steep, calm yourself upon comparing to the auction price on the Daytona Coupes built in the sixties.

PS As you would guess, some great artists have painted pictures of Cobras.  If you want to see their work, click on Shelby Cobras.  Check out Cobra @ Sebring.