Acclaimed automotive artist Michael Irvine has debuted his latest cinematic artwork of legendary Mustangs.  Rather rumbling down angry streets or across desert hinterlands, he imagines these Kings of the Road drifting on snow and ice to revel in a wintry glade.

It’s like skiing but in loud and rambunctious pony cars…

Michael-Irvine print Snakin Through The Snow

Shelby GT500KR Car Art by Artist Michael Irvine

First there is the absolute stillness of the pure snow-driven glades leading to the top of the mountain.  That stillness is shattered for the instant that a 1968 Ford Shelby GT500KR, and its 40th Anniversary counterpart, the 2008 Shelby GT500KR, burst along the icy road.  Playing in the snow, playing in the winter.  They romp like true Kings of the Road.

In this beautifully painted moment, Michael Irvine imagines a glorious encounter between generations of *Snakes*.

Michael Irvine :

“With spring in the air, and up for a road race-like challenge, these two Shelby GT500KR drivers take to the open road on their favorite curving hill climb. Clear asphalt can still turn to snow and ice as the elevation increases. But that’s not a problem here — this is just the kind of excitement these high performance Shelby Cobras enjoy as they tear up the road and make tracks.”

Edition size is limited to 800.  Reason #1 to act now because his work is consumed around the world.  Reason #2: benefit from a $25 discount – limited time.

Note: ‘Michael Irvine’ logo DOES NOT appear on the actual car art print. Watermark appears only to protect unlicensed publishing.